PVDashboard, the mobile PV app

Sample dashboardPVdashboard for mobile is a simple web appliation for mobiles (such as iOS and Android) to provide a quick status overview of your PV system and power consumption. PVdashboard is a visual dashboard on top of the PVoutput data.

Get started

What do you need to get this data going?

  1. Join PVOutput.
    Create an account on PVOutput.org. Copy your SID and API Key from the settings page which you will need in step 3.
  2. Push your data to PVOutput. Setup a solar-logger to push your generation and usage data to PVOutput. Examples:
  3. Create a PVDashboard using the credentions from step 1.

Get started today!


No data is stored accept from some cookies on your local device. It is posible to use the special Read Only Key from PVOutput. Note that the Read Only Key prohibits the use of the join/leaf team function.