• Bug. Fixed a bug in the sign-up proces where creating the springboard button on iOS didn't work correct.


  • Bug. Fixed a bug in the year graph where the current year, since not a full month has passed, was not displayed. To clearify, the year graph features an estimate-bar based on your PVOutput estimates. The month graph features an prognosis bar for the rest of the month.


  • Feature. Added a feature to display temperature in F in stead of the default C. You can enable this option in the settings section.


  • Changed x-axis on all graphs to make sure that negative values are out of range. This is usefull when there is no data available (on a cloudy day). Otherwise a negative x-axis is shown.


  • Feature. Added a prognosis for the current year in the year graph. The prognosis is based on the estimates from PVOutput.
  • Change. Change 'estimate' to 'prognosis' for feature use.


  • Feature. On request added a yearly graph. Due to the, possible, huge amount of data (which could take a long time to load) cache for this chart is filled using ajax in the background. Preparations to display a year prognosis are made. Will use the data up to today and estimations as they are configured in PVoutput.


  • Bug. Due to the feature stretched month graph in some cases  the graph was incompleted. Fixed.


  • Bug. Adjusted the mechanism to determine the month estimate (for the current month). Result is more accurate.
  • Change: moved to a new hosting environment (should be a bit faster)
  • Feature: stretched the monthly graph by adding 2 extra months. Now a total of 10 months is visible without performance loss.


  • Bug. Fix a bug which could occur on the end of a month in the month graph. Bug was related to the new feature introduced on the 12th of june.


  • Feature. Added an estimate to the montly graphs for the current month. Check your estimated solar production based on your production so far.


  • Bug. A new month! Therefor when you call your charts a new month (februari) is added to the cache. Due to a bug in my code months in 2013 where filled with NULL. Fixed it.


  • Bug. In some cases, due to caching, an incorrect peak power value was displayed. Bug is resolved with an extra check.

22-2-2014: version 6 release

  • Improvement: to improve performance a lot of functions are rewriten using AJAX. Time consuming API call's are now handeled asynchronous instead of during the initial load of the page. Tweaker antonboonstra was a big help with the AJAX piece.
    Result is a page load time which is only 25% of the version 5 load time.
  • Bug: fixed a bug in the charts area where charts got corrupted or failed to load when not enough historic data was available.
  • Bug: as a result of the previous bug I reduced the amount of API call's for caching. When a month has 0 kWh's as a result, previous months are not called for caching.
  • Bug: fixed an issue with the setup-form where firefox users where not able to use the switches.


  • Feature: added in a percentage to display your system max. performance of that day. Max. performance is calculated using the peak output and invertersize (AC).


  • Bug: fixed a bug which appeared when changing your API key on the PVOutput site. This key is cached in a cookie and some data is based on this cookie cached for performance reasons.


  • Feature: added an info-tab. This tab displays all basic information about your system (panels, inverters and orientation).


  • Feature: join/leave the PVDashboard PVOutput team using the settings item


  • Feature: added a graph, showing consumption and generation, per month (displaying last 7 months) including caching for the previous months. When opened for the first time this will take some time to load.

6-2-2014: version 5 release

  • Improvement: a lot of rework in code to improve performance. Reduced the amount of cookies used.
  • Improvement: added cache-headers for static files
  • Bug: fixed a few bugs when switching SID's


  • Improvement: renewed the iOS icon. If your are adding PVDashboard to your springboard a new, fresh, iOS7-isch icon appears.


  • Improvement: redesign of the complete app using a new CSS base.
  • Feature: added an settings-button which enables changing your PVO credentials/preferences within the app.


  • Started the development of PVDashboard